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Mark Buxton is the nose behind the fresh, 2012 House of Sillage fragrance, Love is in the Air. This is one of three signature scents launched as a collection from the Nicole Mather company. A balmy and green feminine scent begins with light top notes of citrus, orange and plum.
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Part of the Whispers in the Garden collection, Whispers of Admiration is a feminine fragrance that was launched by House of Sillage in 2017. Each layer of the perfume features a pair of complementing notes that all come together to create a bright, sweet fragrance. Clementine and coconut top notes form the opening layer, refreshing and fruity.
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Designed by master perfumer Mark Buxton, Nouez Moi was launched in 2012 by the American haute parfumerie, the House of Sillage. This chypre floral perfume for women is perfect for evening wear and special events. The opening notes for the fragrance consist of an invigorating blend of pink pepper and bergamot.
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Holiday is a delightful perfume released by House of Sillage in 2012 and created by perfumer Mark Buxton. This scent features seductive floral notes blended artfully with Chypre. The senses are awakened with vibrant starting notes of blood orange, peach and mandarin orange before the fragrance moves into heart notes of rose and jasmine.
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Emerald Reign was introduced by House of Sillage in 2012. It is a warm and inviting perfume that is ideal for all occasions and is particularly appealing on a sunny day. The top notes are fruity and will immediately capture your attention.
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