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Refined and sophisticated, Infanta En Flor by Arquiste is a modern twist on 17th-century Spanish perfumery. Launched in 2012, it has a prim and proper essence that is sprinkled with mysterious allure and forbidden passion. Fresh, soft and powdery, it opens with a zesty burst of cistus essence, bergamot and everlasting flower.
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Timeless and seductive, Fleur De Louis by Arquiste brings to life the artistry of the 17th century its sweet floral and mesmerizing woody essence. Launched in 2012, an opening of neroli, galbanum, bergamot and French cypress create the aura of being at the royal court. The perfume continues to blossom and beguile with the tantalizing aromas of jasmine absolute, clove buds and rosewater.
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Dazzle and dance the night away like a disco queen with a spritz of Arquiste Ella. Launched by Arquiste 2016, this complex and vibrant perfume features an intoxicating blend of aromas that conjures of images of decadence and being alive. The party starts with a burst of exotic cannon ball tree flower, angelica root, carrot seed essence and Turkish rose.
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